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End of tenancy cleans

Moving home is hard work, tedious and stressful. Sometimes there is no time between work, packing and moving to worry about how clean the home is. If you are renting a property then hiring a professional cleaning company like us is the easiest and fastest way of ensuring as much as possible of your deposit is returned. Using our End of Tenancy cleaning service enables you to concentrate on the more important things during your move such as your family and your health.

End of tenancy cleans are a deeper clean than a normal recurring domestic clean. A ‘typical’ tasklist would include the following.

All Rooms
Cleaning and dusting all tops and surfaces, picture frames, skirting boards, light switches, furniture
Remove cobwebs
Vacuum carpets and rugs
Sweep and mop hard floor surfaces
Dust and wipe shelves in all built in cupboards and wardrobes

Cleaning and disinfecting all countertops and other surfaces
Clean cabinets inside and out
Clean microwave inside and out
Clean refrigerator and freezer inside and out
Clean outside of oven
Clean and disinfect sinks
Clean outside of any other appliances

Clean and disinfect toilet
Clean and wash the bath, shower and sinks
Clean and wipe down tiled surfaces
Clean mirrors
Clean cabinets inside and out

Utility room
Clean washing machine and dryer inside and out
Dust and wipe cabinet shelves
Clean and disinfect sink

Additional services
In addition to the above we can arrange other services for you;

Carpet cleaning
Deep cleaning of the oven