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Commercial Cleaning

We provide commercial cleaning services to small companies based in our core operational area. From daily tasks of keeping your washrooms and working areas clean to one-off deep cleans of office spaces or periodic cleaning of carpets, we follow high standards of management and vigilance.

Cleaning Service Working With Your Budget

We understand that budgets are not limitless pots of money and so we are happy to work within the parameters of your cleaning budget. Our fees, calculated by the hour, are based on frequency of cleaning and the amount of time required to deliver a professional service. We do not flat rate our fees as it can lead to a ‘hit and run’ approach to cleaning. ‘Flat rating’ nearly always leads to poor quality cleaning and unhappy clients.

Client Satisfaction

We don’t need annual contracts to lock clients into a service agreement. We utilise short three-month service terms and we let our dependable, high-quality services speak for themselves

Communication and Commitment

You don’t like surprises, neither do we. We will not only provide you with a quality cleaning service but we will provide the quality communication you expect from a professional company such as ourselves. All commercial clients will be allocated an account manager who will understand your particular requirements in detail.

Quality Inspections

Random inspections by the account manager are undertaken at all locations without advance notice to the clean team. These inspections are another step to assure a high quality level of service is maintained along with adherence to company policy and procedures.

Unforeseen Events

Anything can happen. If a door which is normally locked is discovered unlocked by our cleaning staff, if lights are found on that should have been off, if an area that is usually cleaned could not be cleaned for some reason, or if an item is broken by your team, we consider these types of things irregularities. Staff are required to contact the account manager immediately and advise them of the irregularity and what action was taken. If unsure as to what should be done, they will ask for direction on what to do.

Anything out of the ordinary will be reported to you in writing, by your account manager.