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Regular Domestic Cleaning

Your home, completely cleaned on a regular basis, just how you want it. Cleaning is a chore that most people don’t like doing. Fortunately we love cleaning so why not leave it all to us.

Our cleaning services are totally tailored to your individual requirements. Moreover it is delivered by our highly experienced, trained and fully vetted staff. This means that the service you receive is both thorough and consistent.

Whether it is daily, weekly or fortnightly you can have total peace of mind that you will get the same fully insured, domestic cleaner every time and if, for any reason, you are not totally satisfied with any of the cleaning work we have done for you we will return and re-clean any areas free of charge.

Whilst the actual cleaning routine will be tailored to meet your exact requirements a ‘typical’ tasklist would cover the following;

All Rooms
Cleaning and dusting all tops and surfaces, picture frames, skirting boards, light switches, furniture
Remove cobwebs
Vacuum carpets and rugs
Sweep and mop hard floor surfaces

Clean appliances, counters and tables
Wipe down cabinets
Clean sinks and backsplashes

Clean and disinfect toilet
Clean and wash the bath, shower and sinks
Clean and wipe down tiled surfaces
Clean mirrors

Read our FAQs page, which should answer most of your questions regarding our services.