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Why Use Us?

All sorts of people use our services because we are all too busy these days. Did you know that, if you spend just 3 hours a week cleaning your home, you spend the equivalent of 4½ working weeks cleaning your home every year? Now, imagine how much extra time you could have to do the more important jobs, not to mention the additional quality time to spend with friends and family. That’s why people choose to use SWG Cleaning. Most customers use our recurring domestic cleaning service but we also clean for other reasons; one-off deep cleans, spring cleans, post-party cleaning.

10 reasons why you should choose SWG Cleaning

There are many reasons why you should choose to us but our top ten reasons are;

  • We are reliable and consistent
  • We are thorough
  • We are experienced
  • All staff are trained
  • We use tried and tested vetting methods to ensure that we only hire the best cleaners (read more about our vetting methods here)
  • We use standard cleaning procedures ensuring we deliver a high quality clean to your home
  • We tailor our services to meet your individual needs
  • We are affordable
  • We take pride in customer service
  • We are fully insured

Why use a cleaning company instead of an individual?

An established cleaning company provides stability, resources and above all, peace of mind. All our staff are thoroughly vetted before we recruit them so you can trust the cleaners we supply. Individual cleaners are often less structured then professional cleaners. They may also lack the necessary insurances should they damage your property or themselves and instead have to claim against your household insurance. Professional cleaning companies keep up to date on the latest and best cleaning methods and products.

Who we are
SWG Cleaning is a trading name of SWG Cleaning and Maintenance Limited
Contact Us
Telephone: 01749 987315
What we do
We provide domestic and commercial cleaning services to customers in north and east Somerset